EV Range extenders

Range extender

Range extender – increasing range and driving smoothness

The range extender is an external device, that improves the characteristics of the accelerator pedal so that energy is used more efficiently and the average regeneration (recovery) power under braking is higher.
For the driver, this means more range and a more enjoyable and smoother ride without changing maximum power.

Coast/glide function

All range extenders have the ability to roll the car freely (coast). When the accelerator pedal is left slightly depressed, the car will move without regeneration and without accelerating. It makes more efficient use of energy and increases range, like a ‘Neutral’ mode activated by the driver’s foot.

Increasing power

As a request option, for some cars (for example BMW i3, Tesla S, Tesla X, Tesla 3 excluding Performance), it is possible to increase power and torque slightly.

Car warranty

The range extender is an external device and does not interfere with the car design. You can dismantle it with ease, prior to a service visit. It is undetectable for computer diagnosis.

Increased battery lifespan

Thanks to coast mode and acceleration smoothness improvement, the total amount of energy drawn and pumped into the battery is reduced. It has a positive effect on the battery SOH (longevity).

Range extender explained

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