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3-phase to 1-phase charger/converter


Fastest for single-phase cars. Combines the power of two phases into one. ‘Must have’ for Tesla USA.

It is not an ordinary wallbox. Connected to a 3-phase source, it merges the power of two phases into one “super phase” to double your charging speed.

Merge phases

Double the power, double the speed

Current Boost

Up to 10% faster charging

Battery Care

Unique full charge /
no full charge modes

Grid Monitoring

Instant load reduction on network overload detection

Revive Balancing

Balance battery and increase SOH and capacity

No Full Charging

Keep your battery in top condition


Optional feature

Customizable cables length

Choose the desired lengths

Its ability to detect other grid loads and reduce speed accordingly makes it possible to prevent home breakers’ trips.

The overnight Battery Balancing procedure may increase the usable capacity of your battery and state of health (SOH) – it works with all EV cars.

Select options with the onboard touchscreen or mobile app, update new functions via USB. Monitor the health of your home energy grid with a SOP (State of Power) meter (read more here).


  • Grid monitoring – immediate load reduction while grid overload detected
  • Battery Balancing – balance battery and increase SOH and capacity.
  • Checks the quality & capability of power source (home grid)
  • BatteryCare – unique full charging / no full charging modes
  • Updateable – flash most recent firmware via micro USB
  • Touch screen with „geek mode” monitor all parameters while loading