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Electric car chargers

The Accelev Home range of electric car chargers makes charging your BEV or PHEV faster and safer than any other charger on the market.

We recommend the Accelev Three if you are looking for an 11kW or 22kW (3-phase) smart wallbox.

The Accelev Two combines the power of the phases into one and solves the problem of slow charging if you have a three-phase power supply but a vehicle that charges from a single phase.

Offering all the features of our larger electric car chargers, the portable Accelev One will be your friend on the road and at home.

With the additional features of our electric car chargers, you can improve the condition of your electric car battery yourself by balancing it overnight. You can also prevent your vehicle from losing value due to rapid wear and tear. And much, much more! Your car will love them.

ACCELEV one charger


Single-phase electric car charger with Home Grid Protection (16A, 32A)

Plugs into a 230V socket. Maximum 16A.

ACCELEV two wallbox


3-phase to 1-phase electric car charger/converter

Fastest for single-phase cars. Combines the power of two phases into one. ‘Must have’ for Tesla USA.

ACCELEV three wallbox


3-phase electric car charger 11kW & 22kW + Grid Monitoring

Recommended for cars with a three-phase charging port.


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