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Up to 110% of the original range

Less stress to the battery

Regenerative braking improved

HYbridChip is a range extender and fuel saver basing on altering dynamics of load applied to engine and EV motor via throttle control. No problems with warranty – undetectable by dealer. It is easy to install, as it uses factory plugs. It delivers following extensions to standard HYbrid4 car:

  1. gearbox jerks and struggles while moderate driving. Solved (much improved)
  2. Fuel (diesel) savings oscillate around 1l/100 km. ZEV range is about 15% better. How does it work? Originally there is no glide mode (N-mode on demand). Glide mode is when your car does not accelerate nor decelerate with regen – just roll like having no gear applied. As any energy conversion (from kinetic to electric and back) suffers from 80% or so efficiency, I have added gliding mode (when you release acc pedal, but keep it a bit pressed – easy to learn) and result is a huge range increase in pure EV mode (ZEV mode) – as observed in all other EV and PHEV cars.
  3. usage of EV is weak in auto mode. Car uses diesel engine too much, even if battery (1.3kWh) has energy. This is also solved, by correcting power demand curve and glide mode together. Now car uses no diesel engine while gliding and also using EV mode while typical driving (Auto mode on HYbrid4 dial) is increased.
  1. Regen level is dependent not only on acc pedal position, but also on speed of acc pedal release (derivative of pedal position). This solution seems to be a prosthesis of normal regen system with brake pedal control, known from Outlander PHEV. But in Peugeot 508 RXH regen braking is independent from brake pedal, and such manner of applying of regen level simulates it (if you take leg out quickly – this means you want to brake/regen faster. If slowly – then less regen). I have corrected this by removing this behaviour totally. Just if you take your leg from acc pedal (with any speed) – it means now – full regen. This increases EV range and saves fuel. Works perfect together with glide mode.
  2. No simple “charge” button to top-up the battery. I have added automatic load positioning at Sport Mode so switching to sport mode will work more or less like “charge battery” button – quickly load the battery till full.
  3. Option: +15 hp for diesel engine.

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