Accelev Pro 3B

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22kW industrial standard wallbox with type 2 socket, OCPP J1.6 compatible.

Introducing the ACCELEV pro wallbox – the most reliable and secure charging station for electric vehicles. With OCPP + RFID + PIN authorization, it provides a superior level of safety and security for all your EV charging needs. The ACCELEV pro also features grid monitoring to reduce load immediately if an overload is detected. It comes equipped with Battery Balancing and BatteryCare technology to maximize battery life and capacity. Its touch screen display allows full monitoring of all charging parameters, while the „geek mode” provides an enhanced level of control. This wallbox also includes LAN, GSM, and WiFi capabilities, so you can always stay connected. The ACCELEV pro also features a charging start delay of up to 99 hours. Ideal for both public and private charging, the ACCELEV pro wallbox is the most advanced EV charging solution on the market, providing superior performance, safety, and security. ACCELEV pro also boasts a modern sleek design and comes in either black or white.


  • OCPP + RFID + PIN authorization, OCPP J1.6
  • Grid monitoring – immediate load reduction while grid overload detected
  • Battery Balancing – balance battery and increase SOH and capacity.
  • BatteryCare – unique full charging / no full charging modes
  • Updateable via OCPP server
  • The touch screen with „geek mode” monitor all parameters while loading
  • Permanent connection to the electrical installation (Mode3)
  • Lan
  • GSM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Colour: Black

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Black, White

Accelev Pro 3B

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