ACCELEV Charge Boost

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At home, you can now enjoy the speed of a DC charger with up to 25 kW using the new power module for AC chargers – Accelev Charge Boost.

This module increases and stabilises the voltage for any manufacturer’s charger or acts as a super-fast 3-phase charger, allowing cars to be charged with up to 25 kW of power.

When drawing significant power from the mains, the voltage drops will drop by approximately 10V during the car charging process, indicating that the car is being charged from a 220V mains supply. For instance, if the Tesla 3 is charged using 220V, 3 phases, and 11A, it will result in 10.5kW. Note that this is not the advertised 11kW.

The Accelev Charge Boost delivers a constant 250V to all three phases, regardless of the load. According to the IEEE, this is the maximum voltage permitted for car charging. The Tesla 3 mentioned above is charged with 250V, 3 phases, 11A. This corresponds to an actual 12kW. This is more than 14% faster compared to a standard charger.

The Accelev Charge Boost can act either as a power source for any commercially available AC charger or a standalone AC charger, eliminating the need for third-party chargers. It consistently delivers an output voltage of 250 V to the car, regardless of the load and mains voltage (minimum 200 V).

Additionally, it can effectively balance the load level between phases.

ACCELEV Charge Boost

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